In an environment of increasing security concerns, and the ever present need for emergency contingency preparations ESIS brings you its Industrial Fire Plan package.

Build Pre-Plan and Post-Emergency Continuity Plans for a full gamut of response and follow on strategies that will better forecast response tactics for site specific exposures, and enhance organization of command networks following a major mechanical or natural disaster.

Using the latest technologies, Industrial Fire Plan presents satellite site mapping for properly identifying your facility’s overall infrastructure and operations systems to better plan macro response tactics, resources, manpower, and staging.

Data input based on specific individual components of your site – such as tank dimensions and product content, process operations data, pipeline and terminal mapping, and more are used for tailoring a computer interface that facilitates micro-command based management of emergency responses procedures and resources to specific events involving specific structures within the overall framework of your facility.

Map your entire site’s infrastructure, respective exposures, contingencies and response procedures. Then itemize exacting detail for individual components of your site to build confidence into managing any aspect of deployment to any one area of your facility.

Bird’s eye view planning with ground level precision management.