Emergency Response Manager

The E.S.I.S. Emergency Response Manager is as its title implies an emergency scene management tool. The program provides you the critical information required to formulate a plan of attack at storage tank fires. The software is unique in that it incorporates specific information on your facility to include, specifics on each storage tank and its contents, the nearest available water and foam sources, application rates, and application densities. The program also incorporates the use of the refinery's fire protection systems, both fix and mobile, and will provide you with guidelines as to their placement and uses as per your standard operating procedures.

The Emergency Response Manager builds an editable and expandable database of preplans of your entire facility making it possible for the Incident Commander to have a wealth of information at his fingertips. The program comes in both a standard Desktop Personal Computer version as well as a convenient Palm PC version making its use easily accessible in both emergency and non-emergency settings. The two computer platforms can easily by synchronized to insure that everyone is using a current version of the pre-fire plan. The Emergency Response Manager addresses the following topics:

  • Pre-Fire Plans
  • Water and Form Requirement Calculator
  • Hose Selection
  • Footprint Estimator
  • Electronic Hazardous Material Guild
  • Dike Protection Calculator
  • Dike Overflow Estimator
  • Pipe Volume
  • Foam Blanket
  • Seal Area Protection
  • Fixed Foam Surface Application